Bicycles it is not only my passion and lifestyle.. above all it is less pollution and more health for everyone of us!
As a seasoned cyclist and winter sport enthusiast I realised that I could help a lot of people with their sports equipment and decided to open first of its kind mobile bicycle and ski service.
Fuelled by my passion for a job well done each of my clients can depend expect nothing less in terms of quality and professionalism of my services. I only use the best tools to get my job done to ensure that the service is not only swift but also protects and extends the life of your equipment.  

Bicycle Event Organisation and Management

The choice of a bicycle as a means of trasnport in cities and metropolitan areas is one that's being made more and more often. Being aware of the various benefits of cycling we'd like to see even more cyclists on our roads. We would like to extend our offer to organisation of promotional events as a means of bringing about future of more liveable cities for everyone. Our organised events are a great way of engaging your staff, students and promote cycling as a more sustainable mode of transport. We can deliver events nationwide. 

We offer: 

  • professional bicycle maintenance workshops! Our staff are not only experienced mechanics but also hold teaching qualifications and have considerable track-record of delivering workshops to schools, businesses and organisations. Our workshops are tailored to suit the age and needs of every group of participants. 

    We use various educational aids and materials to ensure that our sessions are engaging and interactive.
  • free bike service and bike check-ups for course participants 
  • competitions: obstacle course, changing inner tube on time, bike quiz
  • bike lock testing 
  • discounts on parts and accessories for course participants 


For quotes and enquiries please write to: biuro@dralbin.pl or please use our contact form


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mobile bike service
Blender Bike dr Albin
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Mobile Bike Wash
Odbijanie wzorów rowerowych metodą sitodruku
mobile bike service
mobilny serwis rowerowy
spoce card
mobilny serwis rowerowy
mobilny serwis rowerowy
mobilny serwis rowerowy
smooth bike
koktajl owocowy
Mobile bike workshops
blender bike
mobile bike service
mobile bike service
organizacje eventów dla galerii handlowych
mobile bike service
mobile bike service
mobile bike workshops
mobile bike service
sprzedaż akcesoriów rowerowych
hand made bike accessories
bikeshop & bikeservice in kraków
bike workshops for children
zadowolony pracownik na wagę złota ;)
mobile bike service
bike service for workers
mobile bike service
handmade bikie accesories
bike events
mobile ski& snowboard service
mobile bike service
mobile bike service